Oil Bath – Stress Management, Physical Health and More

Massaging your body with oil before you take a bath brings physical and mental advantages. Regular oil massage with appropriate oil – coconut oil or sesame oil – has its advantages like lowered stress, better physical fitness, lower blood pressure, etc are some of them. Oil massage is of great help to people living in hot conditions. The oil massage can calm the nervous system, circulatory system and mind.

Asthangahridaya, an ancient treatise on Ayurveda suggests daily application of oil on head, ears and feet. This is effective against creases on skin, arthritic pain and fatigue. The main goal of oil massages is maintenance of smoothness and moisture of skin. People living in hot countries and working under extremely hot conditions have their sebum easily dried up.

This drying up of skin can make the body exposed to pathogens. The sebum, secreted by sebaceous glands and filled up on the skin surface, acts as a layer of protection against pathogens. With less sebum, the skin and body is vulnerable. An oil massage can reverse this condition, give moisture and help skin retain its normal conditions.

Oil Massages in Treatments

Ayurveda suggests massage treatments for variety of conditions. Medicinal herbs are boiled in coconut or sesame oil.

The herbs are mixed well with the oil. When applied to the skin, a portion of the medicines reach the blood, just like injection. However, only a limited amount of active components reach the blood. The oil gives flexibility to skin and after massaging with medicated oils, one can experience freedom from conditions like arthritis.

Abhayangam is full body oil massage, specially formulated to bring in several mental and physical benefits like relaxation, immunity, flexibility, etc.

From simple coconut oil and sesame oil to fully medicated oils of varying qualities, you can find a variety of massage oils. There are also specially formulated oils for head massage, which promote hair growth.

Regular oil massage, especially on head, ears and soles, as is said by Vagbhata Acharya in Ashtangahridaya is good dinacharya (daily routine). It prevents creases on skin, tiredness and arthritis. It also gives you several benefits including better relaxation, better immunity and better sleep.