Applying Herbal Oils for Pain Relief

Before I started to study and find out more about Ayurveda, I didn’t realize the importance of oils to the human body.

Yes, I understood the importance of lubrication in the joints and muscles to help our body to function better. I realized that we needed to consume healthy oils on a regular basis. I think it was the extent of oil that the human body requires that really surprised me the most.

I find it amusing that us as humans equate a large amount into something that is difficult. When I said I was surprised at the extent of oil the human body needs, believe me I did that very same thing and went to the difficult side. I asked myself the question, “you mean to say I should be putting oil on my body every day, not lotions”.

That one question raised so many more questions. One of the questions is when am I ever going to have time to do that? What about the mess of oils? What type of oil is best for me? Okay so I have to admit, I just couldn’t stop the questions from bubbling up inside my head like a volcano lamp.

I was amazed at what I found out. Just by doing a little experimenting I found that oil wasn’t that messy after all. It didn’t take that long to apply and let it soak in, and it’s okay to skip a day if time is pressing.

What did I do about the lotions? I looked at the ingredients and the warning on the labels of what to do if I actually ate the lotions. What I found out is that it would make me sick. Our skin is our largest organ, we absorb what is put on our skin, I was putting something that I couldn’t eat on my skin.

By putting lotions on we are actually suffocating our skin. Blocking the pores and preventing our skin from absorbing things that it needs like vitamin C and D from the sun. Oils don’t block the pores, because the pours recognize oil in oils most natural form and it absorbs the oils to enhance our tissues.

As I started to really take a closer look at oils and their uses, I found the information very interesting. There were oils that worked as analgesic’s, there were oils to help wounds heal quicker, oils for psoriasis and eczema and all sorts of other skin conditions.
There are oils that sink deep into the joints and help with bone health, oils that help in digestion and help to reduce stress.

The list just went on and on, it was unbelievable.

I wanted to believe so I was ready to give it a try.

There are several oils that I would consider a “super-star” and that I am sure many of my colleagues would agree about. How to select just one?

So I closed my eyes and pointed, when I opened my eyes, my finger was pointing to the Myaxyl oil. I LOVE this oil and it’s lemon grass smell, so it was no mistake.

Myaxyl is considered an analgesic oil and helps for pain. I have used it on myself and I love the way it works so fast, and feels so good and soothing. There are several lovely people whom I work with that feel Myaxyl helps with their pain as well.

Myaxyl is a proprietary product from Kerala Ayurveda. Kerala Ayurveda is undertaking massive studies on herbs and formulations to ensure their pureness. They do this in order to bring the herbs to people globally that are seeking alternative or integrative medical assistance.

Myaxyl is an important formulation and has been admitted into the United states and is available to buy.

Since we looked into how effective oils can be, we have been able to toss out the Tylenol and Advil and have relied on oils for pain and injuries. We decided it wasn’t worth attacking our kidneys and liver just to stop the pain for a period of time.

Because we started using oils, we have found that the pain relief is longer lasting, and it actually helps to deal with the underlying cause of the headache or pain instead of just masking the issue.